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This website celebrates freedom of choice, nurtures the organic process of learning and being inspired outside of a traditional institution such as school. It is not just an educationally progressive philosophy , but is in complete alignment with what it means to be living an authentic life.

Unschooling allows parents to give their children an expansive, nurtured, unique and individual alternative to school, rich with joy and adventure. By trusting your child fully, and allowing them freedom to express themselves and pursue elements of life that they are internally motivated by, your child will be able to think for his/herself, question, be curious, love nature, be confident and well adjusted human being.

Unschooling just means, raising your children outside the parameters of a curriculum, and without limitations. Unschooled children will socialise with children of all ages, and will learn by engaging in activities that make them truly happy and fire their imagination. The term 'unschooling was coined in the 70's by educational professor John Holt 

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