My Journey

'Remove the box- is a matra for the way I see my life unfolding. The very landscape of my world is that I try and think outside of the box in everything that I do. My aim is to connect with people from around the world to share ideas of becoming a pioneer, striving for goodness on this planet, and how to better the situation they find themselves in right now.'

'Remove the box, and you no longer think inside it'


From school I briefly attended university to study English and Educational studies, I found that the course and the pressure to conform was just too overwhelming, consequently I left after 3 months. From here I joined a nursery school and cared for children from 6 months old to 5 years. I stayed in this environment for 2 years as well as taking private nannying contracts.

Later I joined social services and managed a team which was specifically focused on creating care packages to allow vulnerable teenagers with either physical or mental difficulties, to live in their own homes with as much independence and normality as possible. This was a hugely difficult and frustrating time for me, because funding and lack of 'outside box thinking' prevented much from being achieved for these young adults. I fell pregnant with my first child in 2005, and this changed my perspective on life in general.

Unfortunately our finances where becoming very scarce, and added to this my husband was unable to drive for a year due to medical issues, and after moving around several times in a year we settled in a rented cottage on a large farming estate. Here in 2007 I gave birth at home to my second daughter. Following a traumatic medical led c-section for my eldest, I decided to research my rights and the options available to me to birth my second child at home. I ended up hiring an incredible 'god sent' independent midwife of whom supported all my choices, and cared for me through, during, and after the birth of no.2. Needless to say, I had easy, and terrific birth experience second time round. My 2nd daughter Aurelia was born at home in August 2007.

Despite our beautiful gifts of two healthy children, my health was deteriorating, and after a year struggling with pains that my doctor told me was mild 'acid reflux' a friend of mine who was a doctor suggested it was pancreatitis. The diagnosis was not picked up until one day I collapsed in agony and was rushed to hospital. I ended up fighting for my life in I.C.U whilst my husband held the fort with two young children. We had no financial assistance, and so our rent was unpaid for 2 months. After a month in hospital and a pretty miraculous recovery, I was picked up by my hubby and the girls, when we returned home, the locks had been changed on our rented property, and we couldn't access our things. The landlord had illegally locked us out. That was probably one of the worst days of my life, I could barely walk, and now we were homeless.

Luckily we found a caravan for sale and my husband drove for 12 hours there and back to collect it, and for the next 9 months, we lived on a campsite in a space no bigger than a large bathroom. My spiritual journey of self discovery and evolution began here. I started becoming more creative, more in tune with nature and spent hours researching alternative methods of living, human rights, new paradigm and off-grid living. Later that year we had to move off of the campsite because it was becoming difficult for the owners to allow us to stay without getting fined. We were homeless again, and this time ended up staying with my mother-in-law on the Isle of wight. It was during my time here, that I first found out about the notion of 'manifesting' and creating your reality. I was so thankful for this knowledge and used it to create a house for us nearby with low rent and no deposit required. I asked for this house to become available in March 2011, and we moved in on the 8th March 2011. We are still here today, but our busy 'Manifesting' owning our own home now.

Despite our challenges, we have always managed to keep the love in our family. I now aiming to fire myself out of poverty and into financial freedom, and to reprogram my mind to allow me to break out of the shell of indoctrination. 

Love is them most important force in the Universe, lets apply it to everything we do

I thank each and everyone for your ongoing support


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